Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Mobile Technology and Its Impact on the Laptop Industry

In today’s world, technology is advancing faster than it ever has before. It seems like there is a new and improved tablet or smart phone hitting the market almost every month. With this type of quick advancement, it seems like it’s only a matter of time before tablets and phones become our primary use of technology, ahead of laptops and desktops. I find this topic very interesting, so I decided to try to find out more about it for my research project.

Right now, there are still many tasks a laptop can perform better than a tablet or smart phone can.

The purpose of the tablet and smart phone, as of now, is for people to be able to receive updates (emails, Facebook posts, tweets, etc.) conveniently and quickly, even while casually playing around with a game, such as Angry Birds or Doodle Jump. However, when authors, computer scientists, or journalists want to get some actual work done, they most likely turn to their laptop. The fact is that writing a book or even a short story on an iPad, especially one with no keyboard, is much more inconvenient than typing it up on a laptop. And even with a keyboard, the applications used for writing aren’t nearly as convenient as Microsoft Word.

Will handheld devices ever be able to substitute completely for a laptop?

For the most part, the answer I’ve been hearing is no, but the main goal of my project is to continue looking for experts’ opinions on the issue. In my opinion, the slightly higher convenience of tablets and smart phones will not counteract the ease of writing a paper or story on a laptop. These computers are not much bigger and they are so simple to use. Some people become frustrated when trying to do things on a tablet, so I think it will be hard for that industry to completely replace the computer industry.

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